CIA Breach blamed on guess who? PLUS: Horrible Twitter account,


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CIA Revelations Coming at Full Tilt

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We have a gem of a show tomorrow after the WikiLeaks blow out of CIA documents that former director Michael Hayden blames on the millennials. Yes, he’s loony now

Let’s call this a threat.

Meanwhile, on Twitter you will find a disgusting account as shown in these images. How did this stay up long enough to get attention (and followers)? It has to be a honeypot. Let’s hope so anyway. People all need to denounce this sort of thing.

This guys Twitter page was up for at least 5 days before I sent in a take down request/complaint. I’m sure (hope) I was not the first. These sorts of things are a direct result of open public hatred and ridicule of the President along with mean-spirited mis-reporting by the likes of the WAPO, NYT and CNN — the big three of the Trump hatred crowd. Rob Reiner also promotes this sort of thing.

This is probably the most overt and disgusting account I’ve found on Twitter. The fact that it was up for as long as it was is pathetic. You’d think the hashtags alone would have stirred attention. I will follow up to see what action the Secret Service takes. As of this writing the account has been suspended. Finally!

Tomorrow’s show will be memorable.

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