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Dear Producers,

Now that it is Spring and the doldrums appear to be beginning, it’s time to roll out the first No Agenda nostalgia funding drive for your No Agenda Show.

A Producer suggested we re-introduce some of the offers of the past. Heck, let’s roll a bunch of them that still work! Including some very old ones. The following are links to original and specific contribution levels, one of which should be suitable for everyone. Join the fun!

Also included is the old $24 a year contribution which probably still has one or two people left. It was one of the worst since almost everyone’s credit card number changes and that immediately killed the subscription.

We have also listed the old Deuce Club donation as well as the most popular donation of $33.33 a month. This gives you a lot more “new” options to support the show then ever.
Many of these are not even listed on the Support Page here.


The following in particular were for very early supporters. Let’s re-open it for a couple of shows.
Founding Producer $100
Founding Associate Executive Producer $250
Founding Executive Producer $500
For the purposes of this drive the Founding producer will be listed in the show credits. The Associate and Executives will get credit as such for the next show and, as usual, their notes get read on the air.

The yearly $24 subscription evolved into the $24 a year student subscription and still exists.

As we approached show 200 we rolled out the Deuce Club donation of $200. We may as well re-open the Deuce Club for new listeners! It also gets you an Associate Executive Producer Credit.

A few remember the Two (double) Nickels on the Dime donation $55.10
And then there is the actual Quad-Niner Call Out Donation of $99.99

Also the sack of sevens which we deemed a failure, but it is still open $77.77

Here is another one that never got off the ground. This was the Grand Gentleman AND Executive Producer contribution which includes the special title of Grand Gentleman. This was requested by a future Knight thinking it added some flair to the normal Executive Producership.

Here’s a funny one. When Adam was locked outside the country waiting for Micky's paperwork to get her back into the USA the show did an open-ended Welcome Back Adam one-time credited contribution. Why not just a general welcome back! From the bathroom even.

Looking over the list there is a Happy Birthday Adam contribution of 48.48 but nothing for John. According to Wikipedia he should be 62 this week! So let’s add a birthday call out of $62.00 for John.

These are only a few of the obscure and often fun contribution levels you can do to make the show a continuing success. If this funding drive does well, let’s add some more next Wednesday.

Sincerely, your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS. Oh yes, many of you are looking for the $33.33 a month subscription. Here it is.

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