Another prediction nails it, but…agh.

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Dear Producers,

When I began to write this ancillary personal 2013 newsletter for you, it was on a whim and it seemed well received by you. The idea was to remind you that the show had a Sunday version and it needed as much support as the Thursday show.

Recently the Sunday Show has been getting very poor support by you and I had to determine if it was me or the show. Perhaps it is this newsletter, which often has news in it, in advance of the Sunday Show, or was it the show itself?

I want to listen to No Agenda like Mommy and Daddy when I get older.
There is no qualitative difference between the Thursday and the Sunday show except for the fact that the Sunday Show is on a weekend. Many of the absolute best No Agenda deconstructions were developed on the Sunday Show and it’s a great show for commuters who need 2-3 hours of compelling material to listen to on their Monday and Tuesday commutes.

Imagine this without No Agenda
This week actually marks the 5th anniversary of the Sunday Show which began in Feb 2009 which was still before we incorporated our opening jingles. Our news deconstruction was a far cry from the depth we go into today. In fact there is no real comparison.  Five years ago the show was still in development and we still did not have the worldwide network of correspondents and insiders that the show has today.

Eyes Everywhere
Today’s No Agenda podcast is a phenomenon and we prove it every show when you contribute to its production. Your support has been lagging for the past few Sundays. Please pick it up. This means some end of the world donations of $20.30, random support of any amount by clicking here and some new subscribers at $11.11 and $33.33.

Don't let them win!
You make the show happen. There are literally thousands of listeners who have never supported the show while listening religiously. You know who you are. Please get involved today by visiting the support page and finding a program you like. And for regular contributors, think about renewing your interest with a contribution of any sort.

You co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS Remember you will get a double producer credit by celebrating show #600 by clicking here.
PPS: Make sure to catch the Sunday Show for some breakthrough deconstructions about the Olympics (YES, there was the predicted dog), the Ukraine and the latest Obamabot dinner!

Thanks for being part of the No Agenda family!

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