Alcatraz, the prisoner mentality and No Agenda

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Every year over 1.3 million people visit Alcatraz fascinated by the place. And what American raised with the guidance of mainstream media doesn’t want to pretend to be a prisoner and have their picture taken, smiling, behind bars?

The Saturday News


I was going through my photo collection and ran across the pictures taken of Alcatraz where I was given a private tour by Ranger Craig, No Agenda Producer and all around good guy.

It struck me that something was peculiar. Besides getting a unique behind-the-scene tour showing some of the weird and often abandoned parts of the Island, the biggest surprise were the massive crowds that go to Alcatraz every day to tour the place.

The scene is curiously sick and perverted. And there is little or no publicity for the tours. Yet you need a reservation long in advance to get on the many packed boats to take you to the island.

The sociology is more complex than simple slave training. I thought about this for a minute and realized that this is a reflection on how our populace has changed. Think about a society where a centerpiece of tourism is an old prison, a place where people were locked up. And this seems to be a growing national trend. “Let’s go see that! What could be more fascinating than a prison?”

This seems peculiar, especially since it is managed by the US Government.

People will come and visit San Francisco and instead of doing anything culturally relevant such as seeing a play, visiting a museum, understanding the architecture, instead they visit Alcatraz.

The self-imposed all-in mentality of the general public is the basis for the popularity of this prison as a place you’d want to visit and tour. It’s natural since people are living in a security state and this is just one of many places that once stored the disobedient.

It’s depressing and highlights the day-to-day mental imprisonment people have self-imposed upon themselves by listening to mainstream media and believing everything they are told while leading a regimented life. People who cannot think for themselves and make themselves ill by buying into false truths and accepting stories that make no sense.  This is one of the primary reasons you support No Agenda. To get out of your own personal Alcatraz. So help the No Agenda Show as it continues to guard reality with an understanding of the events around you that you cannot find anywhere else. Contribute today by clicking here.

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