A crazy conspiracy round up. Wow.

This is the weekly pre-show note from No Agenda Show co-host, John C. Dvorak. Enjoy!

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Note from John C. Dvorak

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There are plenty of new deconstruction for tomorrow’s show. For some free fun you might want to read the screed found on Gawker via a ScribD link which you can easily download or read on the site. You should consider the writings found at the bottom of this page. A cautionary tale. 
This fellow, Mark Gorton, is a famous entrepreneur apparently got caught up in Kennedy assassination conspiracy stores and other alternative histories and has done a remarkable job of consolidating many of the various theories into one concise amalgam. It’s highly entertaining to anyone who has a No Agenda attitude towards information. 

Unfortunately the guy is freaked out like crazy and thinks he is going to be killed.

What he’s done as far as I can tell is essentially read every conspiracy book and alternative timeline book all at once in record time. This has got to be like deciding to experiment with drugs and then deciding to take them all at once. It scrambles the brain, probably for good.

 So that’s kind of what you are getting here. It results in accepting too many contradictions and misinformation. And there is plenty in this screed. (Actually three separate documents are found on the page). My favorite, a tale of George HW Bush closing the Iranian hostage deal secretly in Europe then flying home transported in an SR-71 from Paris so he could be on-time for a speech he was giving in DC. Casually flying an SR-71 in and out of Paris in 1979 seems a bit much. Yeah, that’s the way to exit from a secret meeting. Nobody will notice that, will they?

That tale, like a lot of the discussion, makes no sense. But this is just quibbling as he addresses many of the issues we address on the show. In short it’s a fun read if you do not take it too seriously.

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