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No Agenda Thursday Show

Hello MOM?

Dear Producer,
Only a couple of dozen people donated to the last show after all the goodwill received during the 10th anniversary. This makes you think that regular listeners and producers are less interested in the show itself and more interested in a bargain. This does not bode well for the future. Please contribute something today and stop this trend by clicking here.

On another sour note: people are kicked off their PayPal subscriptions left and right for various reasons. Please check to see if that $33.33 a month is actually being executed. There are a lot of people who thought they had a subscription only to find out after a year or two that it had been cancelled because their credit card was renewed with a new expiration date.

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Tomorrow’s show continues to follow the incredible sexual harassment stories and the focus shifts to creepy looking talent agents. These stories are getting weirder too.

Terry Crews (left) had his balls grabbed by William Morris agent Adam Venit (right). Both have same egg shaped bald heads. Homo capensis? Or just…

Meanwhile, Trump managed to get the three arrested UCLA basketball players out of China before they were charged and thrown in jail for a decade. Trump has them between a rock and a hard place expecting a “Thanks, Mr. President.” Black basketball players have taken a stand against Trump highlighted by the Golden State Warriors all refusing to go to the White House to be congratulated for being the champs. The same team gladly went when Obama was President.

The luckiest guys in the world?

The situation in Saudi Arabia might be the most interesting thing happening in the world right now with the emergence of Mohammad bin Salman as probably the next leader of the country as he sidelines (aka arrests) all opposition.

Mohammad bin Salman says the government has lost touch with the people and many in the Royal family have taken advantage of the country and its wealth. He is 32. He is a reformer.

Here is his yacht.

Here is his other yacht.

This is just the tip of the news iceberg. Please consider the value of the No Agenda Show to you and contribute your support today by clicking here.

Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Tweet of the Year?

Probably the most high concept sarcasm ever produced on Twitter.


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